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Frequently Asked Questions

Which jobs can I apply for?

You can apply for all jobs applicable to your degree. You can apply for jobs in all regions.

What does it mean when I apply for a job?

Signing up for a job means you are applying to do the job. You are available and you can do the job. The care seeker will select (if there are several applications) a candidate he/she considers suitable for the job. If the care seeker chooses you for the job, you will be asked to confirm your availability. After confirmation, your status will be set to 'scheduled'.

What is a Click?

You have a Click with a care seeker if he/she has chosen you for the job. You will receive a notification of this via e-mail asking you to confirm your availability. After this, a Click is created. Note! Mails sometimes end up in spam.

Can I contact the care seeker?

No Click yet? Then you cannot make direct contact with the care seeker. Got a Click? Then you receive the contact details of the care seeker. These are visible when you open the job for which you are scheduled on the platform. From then on, you can contact each other directly.

What is the duration of the job?

A posted job includes all hours and days for that job. You must be available at all specified times of this job before you sign up for the job. A job lasts a maximum of 7 consecutive days and is always for the same caregiver. You cannot sign up for a part of the job. Example: 1 May - 6 May (this is 1 job and you are available all days). 1 May - 3 May - 4 May (this is 1 job and you are available all days) 1 May (this is 1 job and you are available this day)

What sorts of jobs are posted on ClickCare?

Any professional organisation in need of a caregiver can post a job. Jobs can range from blood sampling in general practice to vaccinating, nights in a care home, a shift in hospital, home nursing, covid testing, events, etc.

How much will I be paid for a job?

The overview page clearly shows the total amount per job. In the job details, you will also see the hourly earnings. So you can see in advance how much you will be paid to do the job. The cost for ClickCare has already been deducted here and will not be additionally charged. What you see listed is what you will get paid. Care seekers fully determine the hourly rate themselves. ClickCare has no role in this.

How much does using ClickCare cost for me as a care provider?

Registering, viewing jobs and applying for care is completely free. Only with a Click will 7% of the invoice amount be deducted for the use of ClickCare. We invest this in ClickCare. This is how we keep the care sector moving forward! The amount you see on the platform is EXCLUDING the 7% for ClickCare. Afterwards, 7% Service Fee will be deducted from the invoice amount.

What if I worked longer than specified in the job?

Both you and the care seeker can “dispute” a job. This allows you to adjust the hours you worked via the “dispute” button with the job. Do this within 48 hours of completing the job. If you do not do this within 48 hours of the end of the job, these hours are automatically considered “to be invoiced”. The care seeker is notified that the hours were disputed and can respond with “agree” or “disagree”. If the care seeker does NOT respond within 72 hours of the dispute, the disputed hours will be considered “to be invoiced”. If the caregiver responds with agreement, the disputed hours are the hours to be invoiced. If the caregiver responds with, “disagree” contact info@clickcare to work out the disagreement together. A job is finished when you have completed all the scheduled days for that job.

Planned Performed Disputed Completed

Pending: you have applied for a job, this application is pending. When your caregiver picks you and you confirm the care request, your status will change to “scheduled”. Scheduled: a care seeker has accepted you for a job. You are now scheduled to perform the job. Performed: the job has been performed but not yet invoiced. There may still be a dispute. Disputed: “ what if I worked longer than specified in the job?” Completed: the job has been completed and will be invoiced. Mediated: if you did not reach an agreement for the hours worked that were disputed, your status will be set to “mediated”.

Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Yes, you can. You will always be asked to for an additional confirmation once you are accepted for a job.

Can I cancel a registration for a care request?

Have you applied for a job, do you not have a Click yet and do you want to cancel your application? Your status is now “pending”, and you can withdraw your application by clicking “withdraw application” at the top right. Note! Has a Click already been established with the care seeker? Then you cannot cancel it through the platform. First and foremost, care seekers rely on your presence. Still unable to attend due to illness or force majeure? First of all, notify ClickCare ( and the care seeker as soon as possible via e-mail and/or phone. You are responsible for this yourself. ClickCare can then take the necessary steps to cancel the application. If you cancel within 7 days before your job starts, we will ask you to submit an illness certificate or force majeure certificate. Do you not have a certificate? Then you may be charged 50 euros in damages. Do you cancel more than twice in the period outside the 7 days before the start of your job and do you not have an illness certificate or force majeure certificate? Then you may be charged 50 euros in damages. Did you not cancel and did you not show up for your job without communicating this? Then 100 euros in damages will be charged. In the above cases, the care seeker is also always entitled to claim damages themselves. So please read the general terms and conditions regarding cancellations carefully (at the bottom of our website) before you cancel.

What are the benefits of ClickCare?
  • You are free to choose when and where you work and for what earnings
  • You don't have to look for work in the care sector yourself. Everything is now found in one convenient online platform
  • You can get to work last-minute. Check out the jobs and sign up!
  • We support you in terms of administration
  • Lots of variety in your work, giving you a lot of knowledge and experience.
What is ClickCare itself doing to improve quality?

ClickCare is a completely new online platform. There is always room for improvement. Do you have any tips for us? Please let us know via

How does the invoicing and payment work?

On our platform, we use statuses to manage the billing process. Once the status of your order is marked as 'completed', the billing program automatically starts generating several documents. This includes a detailed billing statement, an invoice from you to the healthcare facility for services rendered, and an invoice from ClickCare for the Service Fee. If you performed multiple assignments at the same healthcare facility in one week, these assignments will be bundled into one invoice. Invoices will be created for those assignments that have the status 'completed' by Friday, 11:59 p.m., and will be generated on the following Monday. As soon as the invoices are available, you will receive an email notification. You can easily find and download your invoices on your profile under 'My invoices'. On your profile you will find an invoice overview, an invoice from you to the healthcare facility and an invoice from ClickCare for the Service Fee. After generation, the invoice is sent to the healthcare facility with a request for payment. Once we receive the money from the care facility, it is deposited directly into your account, where we deduct a Service Fee of 7% including VAT. The whole process takes 3-4 weeks on average, but the actual time may vary depending on when the care facility pays.